Apple Wine Recipe

Apple Wine is a superb wine to make in the autumn with any surplus apples you’ve picked.

This recipe makes a strong wine with no sulphite content, and can use up all those damaged, bruised, windfalls and even wild forages crab apples.

It is actually an advantage to incorporate as many different varieties as possible, include some sweet eating apples as well as some tart, cooking apples.

apple wineHowever, it is best not to use too many of the, so called, delicious varieties as they tend to have low acid content. This recipe is for 5 gallons/25 litres of apple wine, well why not make enough to last the whole year while the going is good.

Besides it’s just as easy, in some ways easier, to make a large batch.

And every autumn there is an abundance of apples.

If you don’t have an apple tree of your own perhaps some of your friends have.

Or it is quite legitimate to gather, for free, any apples that are on trees overhanging roadsides or footpaths.

Then there are crab apples that can be gathered in the wild, always worth looking for if only for the fun of foraging.

Don’t worry if the apples are bruised or damaged as you'll only be crushing them yourself anyway, this is a superb way to use up windfalls.

Apple Wine is very refreshing but beware it can also be very potent stuff.


  • Enough apples to fill a 25ltrs/5gal bucket (it is best if you can get a mix of cooking and eating apples)

  • 8kg of sugar (adjust this depending on how sweet you like your wine)

  • 1kg chopped golden raisins or sultanas

  • The juice of 10 lemons

  • 1 Cup of strong black tea

  • Champagne Yeast (sufficient for 25ltrs/5gals see packet for details)

  • Yeast nutrient (quantity as yeast above)

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Use your 5gl/ 25ltr fermenting bucket a means to measure the quantity of whole apples.

When you have filled it tip the apples out and give both the bin and the apples a thorough wash and sterilizing (crush a few Campden tablets in the water).

Remove any stalks or leaves and then cut up the apples, skins, brown patches and all but best to discard any worms, they dont taste very nice.

Put all the apple back into the clean bucket and then cover them with water.

A large heavy plate placed on top of the apple will help keep it pressed down under the water.

Cover and leave for at least 8 hours, preferably until the next day.

Then add the sultanas, sugar water, yeast, yeast nutrient, lemon juice and the tea.

Top up to about 25 litres/ 5 gallons with clean cold water and stir well.

Don’t fill to the top of the bucket as the initial fermentation will be quite vigorous, more water can always be added once the initial fermentation has died down a little.

But do place the bucket on something waterproof just in case it froths over.

Leave in a warm place for about 10-14 days stirring daily with a sterilised spoon or paddle.

Recover the bucket after each stirring.

After about ten days the initial vigorous fermentation will have slowed, you should then strain the liquid off the apple.

This can then be syphoned into clean, sterile demijohns.

Fill the demijohn up to just above their shoulders and fit airlocks.

Store the apple wine somewhere cool but frost free.

Rack occasionally into clean demijohns.

By springtime, about 6 months later the wine should have cleared and all fermentation finished.

Once fully clear it can be racked into sterilised wine bottles.

The wine will be ready to drink but will improve even more as it ages.

However, unlike red wine, this white apple wine will not improve over a long period, so no need to let it age for years, just drink and enjoy.


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